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 The Ranks within the Guild

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PostSubject: The Ranks within the Guild   Tue Apr 14, 2009 2:28 pm

After long and intensive planning Ikara has come up with a new and comprehensive ranks and honors system, which is explained here.

Firstly, there are 5 CLASSES of ranking:
  • Standard Ranks - determined by XP donation
  • Profession Ranks - determined by profession and/or XP donation
  • Special Guild Ranks - XP donation 500 000, defined by current leader (second in command, respectively)
  • Punisment Ranks - set by the leader or the diplomat
  • Fix Ranks - set invariably for special characters


Minimum XP donation is 5%. Characters can give more, but for the introductory levels this is an exception granted by the leader.
Setting XP donation to 0% is stated clearly in the ranking rules below.

RANK name
Rights granted, special conditions
On Trial 5% *
Right to use the Guild Home (Astrub)
Apprentice 5%
Initiate 5%
Right to set own XP donation %
Right to invite new members .
XP donation may be set to 0% if less than Level x 5,000XP to level-up.
Must be reset after level-up.
Right to use a perc **
Right to use Guild House II (Sufokia)
Treasure Hunter, alternatively: Protector
This character is granted free access to the Guild Chest II (Sufokia).
* Higher donation can be applied for with the current leader.
** May be granted as an exception, starting from character level 40.


RANK name
Craftsman The character has reached the level of a MAGUS in his/her profession. Their crafting/maging service is free for guildies.
Merchant The character is extensively providing materials to the guild, practizing their profession or delivering special materials (as a high level char, eg), for the crafting professions.
Recuiting Officer The character has frequently been inviting good people, who are worthy guild members. They are taking care of new members, helping them to level and to do useful professions.
Pet Killer The character has been online daily for at least 6 months. He/she is taking care of guild pets (either of those of other guildies or the ones being lent out to guild members. The Pet Killer is breeding pets for future guild use or for being sold ***

*** Pet Killers' animals may be sold for the guild.
20% of the price earned is to be given to to the guild account (see treasurer!).
The guild is providing food materials for the pets.

SPECIAL Guild ranks:

RANK name
Secretary Manages the equipment being lent out to guildies, which is stored in the Guild House II (Sufokia).
Diplomat This character is responsible for the setting/resetting of punishment-ranks.
Governor The Governor is the character that is organizing and publishing the guild events.
Councellor The character is the authority to settle disputes that may (hopefully not) arise between guildies. His/her verdict is to be held, otherwise the violator will be set on punishment rank or (in case of repetition) banned from the guild.
Chosen One The character is to help defending percs or rescuing guildies that may be stuck within dungeons. His/her high level and great fighting power are important to the stability and invulnerability of the guild.
Second in Command As a matter of fact the Second in Command is the guild leader, as long as the real leader is not doing anything for his guild. He/she may set/take all rights, decide everything concerning the guild and is the only person to ban members.


RANK name
Nuisance A character who is constantly begging for gifts or services will be set to this rank, if they continue nagging after being warned THREE TIMES. The Nuisance is stripped of the right to set their own XP. The rank will be reset to its original state after the character has given an extra donation of 20% of the amount needed for their original guild rank.
Deserter The character has repeatedly deserted his fighting party in the middle of fights, in spite of being explicitly asked to be more faithful. If they are mending their ways/behavior they may be restored to their old rank, after having given 10,000 extra XP.
Traitor Deserting parties after already having been set to "Deserter" once will result in this punishment rank. Also the following things:
  • Violating the Councellor's verdict regarding internal disputes
  • Refusing the return/reimbursement of borrowed equipments, pets or mounts
  • Not repaying debts from the guild bank for more than 6 months.
  • Doing harm to the guild's internal peace or to the guild's reputation (scamming, misbehaving towards other players, attacking characters in monster fights)

The Traitor rank will be reset after an extra XP donation of 20,000.
Penitent A Traitor will be set to this intermediate punishment state until they have given another 10,000XP. After this the Penitent will be demoted by one STANDARD rank from the state they have had before becoming "Traitor". The Penitent will be stripped of all SPECIAL ranks and rights.

FIX ranks:

RANK name
Muse This may be granted to especially funny characters or per application with - and decision of Ikara.
Mascot The rank of a Mascot may be granted to alt characters of guild members, that are doing special services for the guild or are just funny. This is an honourable rank.
MurdererThis rank may be granted to players tho are heavily into PVP. One needs to apply for it.

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The Ranks within the Guild
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