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 The Guild's Rules

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PostSubject: The Guild's Rules   Tue Apr 14, 2009 6:29 pm

Every community needs a certain set of rules, so does our guild.
We are not the people to introduce draconical laws to be obeyed, but a set of regulations we consider necessary to be a guide for everyone joining the community.

Global behavior
The guild is a community of people who want to have fun together. All members are sufficiently fluent in ENGLISH to be able to take part in guild communication. Everybody is to treat everybody else in the way they want to be treated by all others, themselves.
Joking may be a bit forceful, at times, but we demand that it still is friendly, not personally offensive in any way.

Members that repeatedly are insulting others will be excluded from this community.

I. Common Regulations
"Dungeons and Dragoturkeys" is an aggregation of characters acting in the MMORPG Dofus. Members of the guild should be aware of the fact, that it is the characters, that are supposed to interact, not necessarily the persons playing.
The players are free to reveal their age, gender and other personal data to the community, thus, there will be two courses of communication:
  • The ingame interaction of the figures*
  • The interpersonal communication of the players.
* Characters may bicker with each other, as long as the playing RL persons are not insulted!
Every member of the guild is accepting the two main rules:
  1. The guild is trying to help its members to proceed in the game
  2. Every member is doing his/her best to improve the guild's ability to do so

Regarding this, there is no right to claim anything as a given right, even if it might be a traditional offer the guild makes to its members.
Every member may or may not be granted certain benefits, rights, ranks.
II. Invitation
Characters who are considered to be appropriate new members need to fulfill three conditions:
  1. Minimum level for admission is 15. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  2. The "applicants" must have the ability to fight reasonably well in a party.
  3. The potential new member has not been begging for admission and/or for items/equipment, nor do they start this when invited.

III. Unforgiveable behavior
There one thing that is resulting in the immediate exclusion of all characters a person has introduced to the guild. These things are:
  • Character sharing - The guild demands the security that the real person playing the member character is always the same.

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The Guild's Rules
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