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 To a dead guild...

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Turkey Egg
Turkey Egg

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PostSubject: To a dead guild...   Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:38 pm

Hi @all.

I just want to inform all of you, that this formerly great guild is dead.
most of the leaders and main members have quit Dofus for various reasons, especially after having been kicked from the guild - mysteriously.

First shock came, when Ikara's chars (hello? Ikara's, being the owners of the guild houses...) chars were inexplicably removed from the guild, then also some other ppl's chars started disappearing...

Finally there haven't even 10 ppl been left. So I removed all my chars, which practically meant the death of the guild.

It has been a cool time playing with y'all. But a lot of things have been happening. And thus things come to an end.

Ha det fint, ciao, au revoir, bye bye, Tschüss, take care, all ...

Lock-Slay the admin...

Cower, brief mor(t)als, for I am Lock, 'gainst whom no diaper will hold - LMAO...
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To a dead guild...
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