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 Complete set vs clever mixture ?

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Turkey Egg
Turkey Egg

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PostSubject: Complete set vs clever mixture ?   Tue May 26, 2009 2:27 pm

Hi all.

I want to share my experience regarding set combinations.

I am using a combined set, which is giving me some nice advantages, the (complete) set alone wouldn't offer.

My set is mainly fire Kwak, which is giving:
+ 1 MP
+ 1 AP
+ 1 Range
(no resistances, as it is not complete)

And for completion of the bonuses I prefer, I am using a gelamu (+2 Range) and a red blob ring (another +1 Range).

This is cool, as long as I am equipping all the rest of the Kwak set. If I need to substitute one element (e.g. the sword or the Bwak), I do exchange the Gelamu with the Fire Amukwak, which (again) is granting me the nice boni of the Kwak set (mentioned above) even though the range is only +2, then. But most of the other characteristics stay the same.

I am not changing sets for certain purposes, because I feel the current one (along with some scrolling for chance and agility and a decent Dofus for wisdom) are providing me with enough power to fight monsters and still get nice XP/dropses.

What's your experiences, here?

... asks clown Lock.

Cower, brief mor(t)als, for I am Lock, 'gainst whom no diaper will hold - LMAO...
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Brambly Girl

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PostSubject: Re: Complete set vs clever mixture ?   Tue May 26, 2009 3:17 pm

Hello all.

My set combination is similar to Lock's.

I am using Earth Kwak, but instead of the Earth Amukwak I am using a maged Vegamu, which is giving +2 range and +2 summons.
As second accessory I am using a Soft Treering, that gives +1 range and +1 summons.

Wis, chance and a bit of agility are scrolled.

This way I get the following boni:

4 Summons
+4 Range

Hehe, I have been challenged by another sadi (level 70), who lost against me, because he simply could not hide anywhere from my extreme range and who had only 3MP (Treechnid set), so I could avoid almost all of his attacks and in the end had just lost about 30HP, while he was dead... Twisted Evil

When I need to change, I use to have the Amukwak with me, to ensure the boni from the set.

Similar to Lock I am not using "Drop Set", "Wisdom Set" and the like, but I do use different pets, at times, like Crowdzilla and Bworky.

Cool Girly.
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PostSubject: Re: Complete set vs clever mixture ?   Tue May 26, 2009 5:23 pm

Im doing quite a mix too...

In my actual main char(wont be in 1 month and 27 days i think) im doing the following:

-Full Red Scaraleaf - 4 items, gives the nice mix a possibility
-Fire Kwakblade - Nice low range dmg
-Kam Assutras Amulet and Gelano - Guarantees me 8ap, which means i can shield and use, as an example, striking(6ap), or shield everything in 1 turn
-Treeboots/Golden Scaraleaf Boots/Crocoburio's Spirit - Treeboots boost my str so i can carry more items and raise earth dmg reduced/ Golden scara gives wisdom and mp mainly(gives some resists also)/ Crocoburio's spirit gives +50int +5% fire resist
-Orchid dragoturkey - Good int but still not maxed+the inventory, great for int based chars

Sometimes i just slip on a str set so i can protect and attack stronger with earth, which is the following:

-Green Scaraleaf
-Treeboots - +50 str
-Gobtubby/Orchid dt - Gobtubby provides meh more life but dragoturkey provides more protection... depends on the situation
-The rest is earth kwak - simply for more str and life

Fecas can be very versatile fighters, if u got the nice sets
But, the topic says complete or mix...
Well, im into a good mix, they can provide better bonuses for sure, but u got to be a clever fighter also Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Complete set vs clever mixture ?   Thu May 28, 2009 11:28 pm

hi all,

in the past I have used a mixed set too, but for a long time I've only been using the full Golden Scara Set, now. It is better than a pure intell set like fire kwak for me, because I can do better healing, more damage and have more wisdom. Always buying new and better pieces of this set made it really cool now and I love it. In the end I have 20 damage bonus and 23 % damage bonus.

+ 1 MP
+ 1 Range
+ 18 Damage
(no AP , but i can handle this)

and the Plum mount : +2 Range and 200 life

if i wanna have more range, so I'm using a wand with 1 more Range... it is a Ber Ed Stick

I cannot wait to put on the Feudals Set. I am curious how it will look on me. Cool
I hope it will be a better one.

greetings , your Ikara sunny
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PostSubject: Re: Complete set vs clever mixture ?   

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Complete set vs clever mixture ?
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