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 A very nice one...

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PostSubject: A very nice one...   Wed May 06, 2009 1:48 am

Ismália (Alphonsus de Guimaraens)

Quando Ismália enlouqueceu,
Pôs-se na torre a sonhar...
Viu uma lua no céu,
Viu outra lua no mar.

No sonho em que se perdeu,
Banhou-se toda em luar...
Queria subir ao céu,
Queria descer ao mar...

E, no desvario seu,
Na torre pôs-se a cantar...
Estava perto do céu,
Estava longe do mar...

E como um anjo pendeu
As asas para voar...
Queria a lua do céu,
Queria a lua do mar...

As asas que Deus lhe deu
Ruflaram de par em par...
Sua alma subiu ao céu,
Seu corpo desceu ao mar...


Maybe a poor, but right translation, by meh

When Ismália gone mad
Gone in the tower dreaming
Saw a moon in the sky
Saw another moon on the sea

In the dream she lost herself
Bathered herself on moonlight
Wanted to climb up to the sky
Wanted to get down to the sea

And, on her raving
On the tower started to sing
Was close to the sky
Was far from the sea

And like an angel raised
The wings to fly
Wanted the sky moon
Wanted the sea moon

The wings god gave her
Whirred from pair to pair
Her soul climbed up to the sky
Her body gone down to the sea

(maaan, simply beautifull, love this one)
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the unlo

PostSubject: Re: A very nice one...   Wed May 06, 2009 7:33 pm

Very nice thingy.

king The hidden boss LOL
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the fairy
the fairy

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PostSubject: Re: A very nice one...   Thu May 07, 2009 11:12 am

Hi there,

being a fairy myself, I couldn't resist to try re-rhyming this nice opus.
I did not have a portuguese dictionary, but spanish is quite similar in some ways, so I hope I got the meaning ok.

Ismália (as felt by the fairy)

When Ismália fell into delusion,
crested the tower dreamingly ...
Saw the moon in the sky and in confusion
another moon she saw in the sea

Her self got lost in witlessness
bathed in the silverlight so strong
wooed by the skies' unboundedness
but also for the deep did long

Atop the tower stood the maid
and there, delirious, sing did she
so close one moon in heaven laid
so far the other in the sea

Unfolding angel's wings to fly
she stood upon the battlement
got tempted by the moonlit sky
and sea bound luna's allurement

The pinions' double pair, god's gift,
was whirring free and mightily
skyward the soul crossed earthly rift
the body went into the sea.

I hope to have got the meaning well enough.

... your little fairy Jane.
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PostSubject: Re: A very nice one...   

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A very nice one...
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