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 At midnight ...

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Turkey Egg
Turkey Egg

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PostSubject: At midnight ...   Tue May 05, 2009 3:24 pm

... this is a translation of a german poem, that somehow went into my keyboard, somewhen.

At midnight in a tower sat,
a little animal - a bat.
It was so bored, it would have died,
had it not found ere gone the night
some quite mysterious thing, that there's
hung from the ceiling, 'bove the stairs.

"Yahoo!" the bat cried, jumped the thing
and thus caused this to start to swing.
Then high and higher swung the bat,
sang "Hay" and "Hoooh" - and just went mad.

But never as it sang and swung
the creature saw that, too, there hung
another thing a rounded hull,
that, while the animal joyful
exulting took its nightly ride
began to move from side to side.

Therefore, with screeching last a "Hooo ..."
the bat was gone
for good
... or so.

And only Jack the city guard,
who 's on patrol through town and yard,
thought when the midnight ringing's full,
the first stroke might have sounded

Cower, brief mor(t)als, for I am Lock, 'gainst whom no diaper will hold - LMAO...
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At midnight ...
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