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 Koolich dungeon run part I - heroes in desperation

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PostSubject: Koolich dungeon run part I - heroes in desperation   Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:26 pm

This is the true story of the brave fighters, who tried for the Koolich dungeon, on April 17, 2009

Around 10:00 am I had taken a look into the recruiting channel. Someone was looking for fighters to accompany them through Koolich dungeon. First I didn't want to join ( I had heard this would take up a lot of time ), but the idea to get the capture spell for mounts started growing inside my head and so I finally joined this group.

We met at the Zaap and set out for the dungeon. We, that means 2 Sadidas (lvl 70) a Sacrier (lvl 54), a lvl 77 Iop , and me, Eni lvl 84. A small group, but really nice and funny.
I hadn't been fighting with such a great group for a long time.
Always acting thoughtfully, waiting on the current map for all group members and also returning to the previous one, when someone was being aggro'd by a mob.
And this happened very often along our way, lol...

I don' remember exactly, when we arrived at the entrance of Koolich dungeon, but the way took much longer than only one hour. Laughing

There we were and went in. Surprised
We did the first room and the second... and found the 3. room as well.^^
And then... some group members' playtimes were running out and there was this stupid gobball mob in our way... we couldn't move one step forward.
So what to do?
Ok.., better to let the fight go for the moment and meet again at this point. So much for the plan. We would continue exactly at 7:30 pm dofus time.

But before I could go off to return later, I ran into some misfortune.
I had done a wrong step aside and got aggro'd by some stupid mob. The Iop wanted to help me, even though he had some pressing appointment and was supposed to go off... Knowing of his problem I kicked him out and tried by myself.
Lol... I died (of course)... and got teleported back - to Astrub.
But this had a positive side effect, too, because I had forgotten to buy the Kaliptus Leaves. The dying and displacement gave me the chance to buy some, before going off, too. All this at dofus time 2:00 pm.
Remember this... it had taken us 4 hours to reach the 4.room. Wink

At 5:00 pm dofus time I was coming back for taking my way back to the dungeon, slowly and carefully... All alone...
The path was long and dangerous, but I was really motivated.
When I was in the middle of a fight, I got a message from an old friend whom I had not met for a long time. He wanted to come with him to Otomai dungeon... But I wanted to return to the old group and so I begged him to join our dungeon run. Having the help of another level 100+ Sram would be great, wouldn't it?
He really joined and I'm was very glad about it ^^
My fight ended in my death Wink and I had to return to the zaap, where he awaited me. So we did the long way together...

At 6:45 pm we got to the place where there are these holes in the ground.

Readers, head my message:
Get off the mounts at this way, lol... mounts are clumsy like little dogs or bears... they step with the big feet sideways, directly into the aggro mobs.

And then ...
My friend stepped into a hole and was teleported back... Oh why didn't I just jump after him... He had to do the way back alone. What happened to him I don't know, but he was calling for help and so I tried to reach him... stepped into a hole and had the same problem as him, now. At last I found him in a really big fight and could only watch him die.
...and all this after more than 2 hour of cautious walking.
I don't really know how he was feeling, but he logged off after this.
So I hope he will come on again soon. I wanna say thanks to him, because he is a really good fighter and one of my old friends and I feel bad about this story. ^^'

At this time , my daughter Zanya (sacrier lvl 99 and her friend ( Sadida lvl 25 ) joined my group. It was 7:30 pm and the two Sadidas (still waiting in 4. room) came online.
One of them must have been bored and tried a gobball mob in dungeon. She died, but was able to join Zanya's group at the Zaap, while I was trying to continue on my way to the dungeon.

The next round to try the way towards dungeon was opened. Very Happy
Oh yeah... now it was my turn to step into a mob. Thanks to an unknown eni lvl 107 I got out safely, but this fight took 45 minutes. Luckily for me, Zany and group also had a long fight like this.

I can't tell all the incidents that happened to this little group, before they finally got to the dungeon entrance ...

... to be continued ...
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Koolich dungeon run part I - heroes in desperation
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