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 Money for All ...

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PostSubject: Money for All ...   Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:53 pm

Dungeons and Dragoturkeys has got a special bank account.
Here is stored money we get from the following sources:
  1. turnover made from the sale of items taken from the guild chest (low level and low bonus items)
  2. items donated for this purpose out of guilides' private bank accounts.
  3. money donated directly to the account by guildies who just want to be extra helpful
This money is available to all guildies to be received as a loan for special purchase, like equipment we cannot produce ourselves or requiring extremely rare ingredients.
Also it may be used for the purchase of rare ingredients.

Guildies wanting a loan will have to contact Ikara, who is to decide upon the request.

If no full repayment is provided within 1 month, the character will be excluded from further benefits, like being allowed to borrow equipment or being provided with equipment for their permanent use (like Dofuses or special equipment, as far as such things are available).

The balance and deposit/withdrawal will be reported by the treasurer within the respective area of the forum.

king your Admin.
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Money for All ...
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