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 Another one ...

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Brambly Girl
Brambly Girl

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PostSubject: Another one ...   Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:09 pm

We have been telling jokes online, lately. That's why I thought to share one of my favorites:

A pet shop had got a talking parrot, which used to sit on a pole near the entrance door and to greet the customers with funny remarks.

One day an extremely tawdrily dressed lady entered the shop, carrying her mini doggy.
The bird eyed her and then squawked: "Hey, you! You're ugly!"
The lady was disgruntled and complained to the shopkeeper. He apologized and as a reparation gave her one pack of doggy snacks on the house.

A fortnight after this the same lady returned, provoking the identical behavior of the parrot.
This time the lady got really irked and threatened to sue the shop owner for the misbehavior of his bird.
With great effort she finally got calmed down, getting all her purchase for free.

A month or so later the lady appeared again.
The door opened.
Everyone froze, in anticipation of the things that were about to happen...
The bird turned towards the lady.
"Heeeey! You!" it snarled
Everyone held their breath.
And the bird concluded: "... you know ..."


flower the brambly Girl.
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Another one ...
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